I'm a 21 year old nerd who also happens to be horny a lot of the time, who'd have thought? I'll be posting stuff from sex and porn to comic books and other nerdy related things.
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Anonymous asked
hey its the anon who had the dude give me his number on the calculator B) and we r officially dating and I am teaching him english bc he doesnt speak it well it is gr8

I love hearing a good success story but I can’t help but feel jealous, I wish could have been smooth enough to pull a move like putting the phone number on a calculator xD I’m happy for the two of you :D

Anonymous asked
my boyfriend wants me to put whipped cream on his dick and then suck it off I feel funny cause I keep laughingg at it

At times sex can be funny, just roll with it, you might find that he’ll like watching you do that when you have a big smile on your face :)

Anonymous asked
ok thank you for telling me! i was on mobile so I went on my laptop so i was able to see, and may I add that your body is very... yummy (; Amy is extremely lucky.

I’m glad you think so but have you seen Amy? If anything, I’m the lucky one :D